+++ News: Fungtion wins 2nd Price + Sustainability award at final round of  Businessplan Competition Berlin-Brandenburg +++ 

The Project

Fungtion is a Berlin based Bio-Tech start-up, that is working on integrating mycelium composites into our daily lives to create a greener tomorrow.

Our main goal is the substitution of styrofoam and similar plastics in a wide range of products like helmets, furniture or even cars. In order to achieve these ambitious goals we are developing a material with very similar properties as and much less CO2 emissions than styrofoam.

The fungtion will be part of the Berlin Start-Up Stipend from April 2021 - October 2021. As we are already planning the next steps towards our market entry, we are also looking for investors and brands to cooperate with. If you are curious about our technology and/or feel like our material might also be useful in your industry feel free to drop us a line or two.

The Team

Bastian Schubert


Lisa Stelzer



Jan van Riesenbeck


Prof. Dr. Vera Meyer


Martin Bellof


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